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Iso/ts 16949 Certificated Customized Cylinder Plastic Magnets

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Among those famous cylinder plastic magnets manufacturers, it is a professional supplier in China, welcome to wholesale cylinder induction magnets, induction motor magnets, plastic ndfeb magnet, plastic ferrite magnet from our factory.Cylinder Plastic MagnetsGME professionally supply a variety of cylinder plastic magnets, switch magnetic ring, automation components, pneumatic components, hydraulic cylinders magnet. Features:· Smooth and flawless appearance, · High dimensional accuracy, consistency · Without subsequent processing, · Stable performance, seismic impact resistance, · Product shape can be complicated· Low electrical conductivity, low eddy currentsThese features are the basic for miniaturization, industrial automation equipment, precision micro-motors, permanent magnet DC motor, axial fan motors, variable frequency air conditioning, electrical, instrumentation, electrical, computer peripherals and other industries indispensable source and constant magnetic source, with other magnets irreplaceable and incomparable superiority.Some Standard Cylinder Magnetic Ring size:Model NO.Magnetic Ring SizeModel NO.Magnetic Ring Size¢12-64Φ11.5XΦ6X4mm¢50-324Φ49.5XΦ32X4mm¢16-84Φ15.5XΦ8X4mm¢50-325Φ49.5XΦ32X5mm¢16-85Φ15.5XΦ8X5mm¢63-424Φ62.3XΦ42X4mm¢20-124Φ19.5XΦ12X4mm¢63-425Φ62.3XΦ42X5mm¢20-94Φ19.5XΦ9X4mm¢80-584Φ79.5XΦ58X4mm¢20-95Φ19.5XΦ9X5mm¢80-585Φ79.5XΦ58X5mm¢25-164Φ24.5XΦ16X4mm¢100-784Φ99.5XΦ78X4mm¢25-134Φ24.5XΦ13X4mm¢100-785Φ99.5XΦ78X5mm¢25-135Φ24.5XΦ13X5mm¢125-966Φ124.4XΦ96X6mm¢32-174Φ31.5XΦ17X4mm¢140-1116Φ139.5XΦ111X6mm¢32-214Φ31.5XΦ21X4mm¢160-1316Φ159XΦ131.2X6mm¢32-215Φ31.5XΦ21X5mm¢200-1696Φ199XΦ169X6mm¢40-244Φ39.5XΦ24X4mm¢250-2206Φ249XΦ220X6mm¢40-245Φ39.5XΦ24X5mm¢320-2908Φ319XΦ290X8mmOur Plastic Magnets processing Equipment:Our Molding Room For Plastic Magnets:Other Plastic Magnets you may interested:

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