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Israeli Bandage

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Product Description
Israeli Bandage:This elasticized bandage includes a bandage pad and built-in pressure bar for easily adjustable pressure, ideal for controlling bleeding in emergent situations. The bandage can be easily wrapped around any hemorrhagic injury, with the bandage pad applied directly to the wound. Twist the pressure bar to apply traction to the bandage, before reversing the direction of the wrap for even, stable compression. Once the entire length of the bandage has been applied to the wound, it can be securely fasted by hooking the ends of the closure bar to the elasticized material. A simple, yet indispensable tool to treat hemorrhage and control blood loss.Product Advantages:1. Latex-Free Elastic bandage provides the strong pressure2. The special designed closure clips to prevent inadvertent unraveling3. The non-adherent and high absorptivity gauze pad eliminates the risk of having the wound reopened upon removal of the bandage and provides the highest absorptivity4. Fast and easy for application, significantly save time 5. Vacuum-sealed package protects product in a secure, water-resistant environment6. Easy to carry,7. Quality and quantity Stability, and Price reasonable8. Available in various sizes, colors and pliesProductDescriptionSizeH2-IEB2" Israeli Elastic Bandage2"X 5YD (4.5M)H3-IEB3" Israeli Elastic Bandage3"X 5YD (4.5M)H4-IEB4" Israeli Elastic Bandage4"X 5YD (4.5M)H6-IEB6" Israeli Elastic Bandage6"X 5YD (4.5M)H2-IGB2" Israeli Gauze Bandage2"X 5YD (4.5M)H3-IGB3" Israeli Gauze Bandage3"X 5YD (4.5M)H4-IGB4" Israeli Gauze Bandage4"X 5YD (4.5M)H6-IGB6" Israeli Gauze Bandage6"X 5YD (4.5M)

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