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J21 Mechanical Press

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Product Description
Features:The Press is suitable for cold working of sheet materials, such as piercing, blanking, bending, shallow drawing and other operations. The inclinable frame is used for the work pieces or scraps sliding down from the worktable.1. Adopt rotating key positive clutch, which is easy to operate and convenient to maintain.2. 25T adopts rolling bearing instead of sliding bearing (copper bearing) and this makes the transmission gear more wear-resistant and avoids loud noise of gears caused by copper bearing abrasion.3. 35T machine body is much heavier than theirs with the rolling bearing transmission (lower noise), which almost equal to the light J23-40T presses.4. 80T and above press machines adopt pneumatic double balance cylinder, which decreased the balance force fluctuate, and balanced the weight of slider and die, prevent the unstable situation. Besides, it also avoids the clash and noise caused by the gear reverse force during transmission; eliminate the clearance between connecting rod and slide; reduce the compact force and abrasion of stress components; and avoid the accident caused by falling slider when brake or connecting rod brake.NO.NAMEUNITMODELJ23-10WJ23-16WJ23-25WJ23-40WJ23-63WJ23-80WJ23-100W1PRESSUREKN10016025040063080010002BLOCK TRAVELmm0—450—550—650—800—1000—1200—1303RAM STROCKmin-114512055454040384OPENING MOUTHmm1001802002653103003805OPENING MOUTH ADJUSTMENTmm3545556580801006BLOCK HEIGHT OVER MACHINE BODYmm1301602002503103103807TABLE DIMENSIONF-Bmm240300366440570570710L-R37045056068586086010808BLOCK BOTTOM DIMENSIONF-Bmm150180210245340340370L-R1702002503004004004509LE DIAMETERDIAMETERmm30404050505060DEPTH5560707080807510ANGLE °3535303030303011MOTOR POWERMODEL Y90L-6Y100L-6Y100L-4Y132S-4Y132M-4Y132M-4Y180L-6POWERKW1.

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