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Jet Suction Draga

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Jet suction dredger  Jet suction dredger equipped with high-pressure water jet and water pump, pumps sand and then discharges it to the destination by pipeline. jet suction dredgers is easy to operate and of high efficiency, which is applied for rivers dredging, lakes and ponds desilting, land reclamation,ports cleaning and sand pumping, etc. The dredger is equipped with sand pump from 4 inch to 10 inch and the maximum dredging capacity is about 200m3/hr. By absorbing advanced technology of Dutch and American related products , this series of dredgers show their characteristics of rational design , all hydraulic control ,simple operation , little maintenance and strong power. The capacity of  JLJCD dredgers ranges from 100m3/hr to 1000m3/hr, the dredging depth from 1m to 20m and discharge distance  to 2000m which can satisfy different work demands.  Construction  1.sand pumping component based on sand pump including sand pumping pump sand pumping pump power (diesel or motor )high pressure pump,high pressure pump power,supporting bracket,faucet,if a diesel is used,there is also a auxiliary fuel tank chamber.  2. Assistive devices for hull fixing and movement: the hull is fixed by the anchor with the help of a windlass,the hull movement is achieved by virtue of a mobile wendlass sometimes it is also moved by a propeller.  3.Pipeling system: including sand suction tube, sand transportation pipeline,pipeline flotation device (floating board or float)and so on.  Features:  1. Simple , rapid assembly and dismantling, afloat or onshore  2. Transportable by road, rail or sea  3. Spare parts and floating pipe available  4. Fresh water engine cooling system  5. The most advanced PLC control system  6. Operated by one man from spacious and low noise operating cabin  Technical ParametersModelSize      L*W*HDredging depthDischarge spacingInstalled      powerWorkload6 inch11.5x3.2x1.2510m100m140kw120 m³/h8 inch12x3.2x1.515m200m300kw280 m³/h10 inch18x6x5.815m500m450kw360 m³/h12 inch35x6.2x618m500m800kw500 m³/h14 inch40x7.2x6.220m1000m1150kw650 m³/h18 inch45x8.1x6.225m1500m1400kw900 m³/hGood-after sale service:  1. we signs a long-time after-sale service agreement with customers.  2. We provide rational and practical design according to customers request.  3. We send engineers to assemble and test the machine within the time in the contract.  4. Within warranty period , we provide free repair if quality problems emerge.  5. We provide free training of operation and maintainance to customers.  6. We supply high quality accessories in low price. 7. We make an excellent filing of customers for long-term following-up service.

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