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Jewelry Laser Spot Welding Machine (pew-100)

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Product DetailBasic InfoModel NO.:XHP-100Trademark:Perfect LaserOrigin:chinaProduct Description Appied Materials and Fields: This machine is mainly used in the high efficiency laser spot welding or close welding of mobile phone screening cover, metal mobile phone shell, metal capacitor shell, metal screening net in computer, the knives of shavers, electronic linking sparts and other kinds of electronic products. Principles Laser spot welding is use high energy impulse laser to weld the material. It through laser power discharge to Xe lamp impulse to form light wave. The light wave radiate to ND3+: YAG crystal through gather ray cavity, crystal send 1064nm impulse laser through resonance, then it weld the materials through echo and focus. Commonly used in the jewelry industry this is known as jewelry laser spot welding. Product Features This model takes galvanometer scanning technology, with fast welding speed, high accuracy, and good laser beam pattern, specially applied to the precision spot welding of all kinds of spare parts. In the single spot welding, which greatly reduced the location time, the efficiency has been raised by 4 to 10 times than common laser spot welding. This scanning laser welding machine is composed by YAG solid laser source, laser power supply, optical scanning system, 3D adjustable working platform, controlling system (optional collocation: Programmable controller), cooling system, laser directive system, and operation cabinet. This machine supports the special laser welding software based on windows system. The welding spot or graphics can be input and edited directly in the software, also can be edited by other software like Auto CAD and Corel DRAW, then processed by the special software. This machine has stable quality, convenient operation and easy maintenance and other features. Technical Parameters: Laser Type: ND: YAGLaser wavelength: 1064nmOutput Power: 100WMaximal Laser Pulse Power: 50JPulse Breadth: 0.1ms-20msPulse Frequency: 1-20HzLaser Power Instability: ≤ +/-3%Spot Welding Speed: ≤ 15 spots/sMinifacula Diameter: 0.4mmMaximal Location Speed: ≤ 7000mm/sResolving Rate: 0.001 mmRepeating Accuracy: 0.002mmWelding Scope: Medium 65mm/ Medium110mmCooling Mode: Double Circle Cooling System, Outer Circle adopts 3p cooling system  Contact Now   Skype:szawkj

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