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Junk Mill

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Product Description
Junk MillMilling tool is a kind of tool for milling the fishes. Such as bits, cone, cutter gauge, slip elements, swivel wash pipes, subs, parts of deep-well pump, etc.The flat bottom and concave junk mill milling the fishes with the effect of drilling pressure by the YD alloy and anti-abrasive material on its bottom surface. The junk was carried out of well by the drilling fluid.Please specify when ordering: size and connections, etc.Also available:Concave Junk MillBladed Junk MillPilot Mill Tapered MillEconomillString MillSkirted Junk MillTechnical Parameters -- Flat Bottom Junk MillModelOD mm(inch)ConnectionOAL mm(inch)PMX105105(4-9/64)NC23343(13-1/2)PMX114114(4-1/2)NC26406(16)PMX140140(5-33/64)3-1/2REG445(17-1/2)PMX195195(7-11/16)4-1/2REG540(21-17/64)PMX215215(8-15/32)4-1/2REG540(21-17/64)PMX311311(12-1/4)6-5/8REG595(23-27/64)PMX406406(16)7-5/8REG650(25-19/32)If you have any further requirements, please feel free to contact us by sales@sxgtpm.com

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