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Kelly Valve

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Kelly Valve Type: upper Kelly valve and lower Kelly valveKelly Valve is also called Kelly Cock Valve, which is a manual control valve in drilling string cycle system. It is one of the effective tools for preventing blowout.Upper kelly cock is located at the position between lower end of swivel and the top of kelly stem.Lower kelly cock is located at the position between lower end of kelly stem and drilling rod or kelly stem saver sub.With special spanner according to instruction and requirement to roll operational key 90 degree, so that can achieve to open and close. In order to avoid blowout, it should be assembled kelly cock valve on two ends of kelly stem.When ordering please specify:●Upper or Lower type;●Tool OD;●Working Pressure: 5,000 / 10,000 / 15,000 PSI;●Tool connection.Technical Parameter -- Upper Kelly Valve   Model  O.D.(mm)Thread connection  I.D.(mm)  Max.sealing pressure(Mpa) CS 146       146     4 1/2 REG      50                     68.6 CS 200       200     6 5/8 REG     76.2                     68.6Technical Parameter -- Lower Kelly Valve  Model  O.D.(mm)    Thread connection I.D.(mm)    Max.sealing pressure(Mpa)   XS105       105              NC31   41.3                     68.6   XS121       121              NC38   50                     68.6   XS127       127              NC38   50                     68.6   XS165       165              NC46   61                     68.6  XS178       178        NC50,5 1/2FH  71.4                     68.6If you have any further requirements, please feel free to contact us by

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