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Kjeldahl Digestion Furnace

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Kjeldahl Digestion Furnace KDN - (sx) series nitrogen furnace digestion respectively 4 hole bore, 8, 12, 16, 20 holes pit type electric heating furnace digestion, digestive tube in pit type furnace heated area is large and steady uniform temperature, temperature control adopts digital display automatic temperature control instrument, digital display intuitive clear, temperature setting simple and accurate, automatic temperature control precision is high. Escape the digestive tube of harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, through the digestive furnace tubes for the tee with tap water on sewage, effectively reduce the pollution. After about 45 minutes to digest sample can be digested completely.Technical Parameters:      ModelHolesPower(W)Weight(kg)Demension(mm×mm×mm)A digest sample number at the same timeKDN-04sx  KDN-04C4120015605×210×1804KDN-08sx  KDN-08C8240024.5665×305×2308KDN-12sx  KDN-12C12360031685×375×23012KDN-16sx  KDN-16C16480039.5705×465×24016

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