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Klystron Microwave Test Bench-1

Product Description

The Microwave Test Benches are precision made microwave systems, which use standard type rectangular wave-guide components to illustrate
the essential elements of this field for study.

The equipment consist of :
- A selection of wave-guide components
- The power supply for the microwave source
- A detector
- A meter, which monitors the detector output
- Wall Chart
- Microwave component Chart
These Training Benches are completely self-contained & provide the means to allow students to carry out practical work at extremely low cost. A
comprehensive manual containing extensive microwave theory and a progressive series of assignments is supplied with the Trainer.

l Study of Reflex Klystron
l Frequency, Guide Wavelength Measurement
l SWR, Reflection Co-efficient Measurement
l Impedance Measurement

SKPS ----------------------------------------------------------------1
VSWR Meter -------------------------------------------------------1
Cooling Fan---------------------------------------------------------1
Detector Mount ----------------------------------------------------1
Fixed Short ---------------------------------------------------------1
D.R.F. Meter--------------------------------------------------------1
Isolator --------------------------------------------------------------1
Klystron Mount ----------------------------------------------------1
Matched Termination----------------------------------------------1
Movable Short------------------------------------------------------1
S S Tuner------------------------------------------------------------1
Slotted Section -----------------------------------------------------1
Tunable Probe ------------------------------------------------------1
Variable Attenuator 20 dB ----------------------------------------1
Wave Guide Stand -------------------------------------------------3

Cable BNC - BNC ------------------------------------------------1
Mains Cord ---------------------------------------------------------2
Op. Manual ---------------------------------------------------------1

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