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Knee Pack

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Product Description
Features:● Better performance than traditional pack● Remain good flexibility even at -35 degree as cold therapy● Without leakage whenever put in microwave as hot therapy● No leak even the pack is punctured● Innovative gel with good flexibility and toughnessDirection for use: For Moist Heat Therapy: Moist Heat is preferred because of ability to penetrate deeply and more quickly at lower temperatures than dry heat.Place the product in a clean microwave oven.We suggest placing the item on a clean microwave-safe plate rather than directly on microwave shelf or turntable.For Soothing Cold: Place your product in the freezer overnight and apply as needed.Because the products deliver a soothing cold, they provide a more comfortable, drier than ice or gel packs.Return the product to the freezer for 3 to 4 hours before reuse.

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