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Emcp162/186 Socket Test Adapter With Sd Interface, Bga162 /186 Reader

Product Description

Easy operation:  After you insert the IC into the testing socket,  you can connect the socket to your PC or laptop by the USB/ SD interface, and then read the data easily with programme software!


Designed for test, debug, validation, data recovery and programming of eMMC/eMCP

Provides a compact test solution for eMMC used in applications such as mobile, data recorder, the Internet of things, etc

BGA162/BGA186 programming adatapter is an easy use tool to connect chip and PC. Just like a flash disk!

Support flat bottom and solder ball testing

Default Size limiter: 11.5x13mm
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Model Number: eMCP162 test socket to SD

Applicable IC Dimensions: 12x16mm

Frequency: Low Frequency

Operation Life: 100,000(Mechanical)

Operating Temperature: -55 ~ +175 Celsius degree

More Adapters(Customizable):FPC,SSD,FLASH,DDR,eMMC,eMCP,Crystal

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