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La Dual 10 Inch Highend Passive Line Array

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Applications: Medium scale venues including stadium, concert hall, auditorium, theater, clubs, touring show, rental market etc. LA210Q loudspeaker is a two-way passive line array.It housing fitted with 2x 10" woofer and 1x3"high-frequency compression driver unit, accompanied by a drum-shaped wave guide.75 degrees horizontal constant directivity characteristics can be controlled lower limit to 400Hz, and 15 degrees of vertical high-frequency dispersion angle so that it can be used to produce curved vertical array and coherent wave front in front of the array. Model LA210QType Dual 10 Inch Two-way Line Array SystemFrequency response 70Hz-18kHz ± 3dBPower Handing LF 600W (RMS) 1200W (PEAK) HF 90W (RMS) 180W (PEAK)Sensitivity LF 98dB(1W@1M)/HF 110dB(1W@1M)Max SPL(@1m) LF 132dB(PEAK/1M)Coverage(H x V) 75°H×15°VLF driver 2 x 10"(380mm) wooferHF driver 1×3"neodymium driverSpeaker cables LF 1(+)1(-)  HF 2(+)2(-)Connector 2×NL4MP SpeakonCabinet High Density plywoodDimensions(W x H x D) 580×310×410mm(W×H×D)Net Weight 26kgModelLA210Q-SUBTypeSingle 18 Inch Passive Sub BassFrequency response45Hz-900Hz ± 3dBPower HandingLF 1000W (RMS) 2000W (PEAK)Sensitivity99dB(1W@1M)Max SPL(@1m)LF 133dB(PEAK/1M)LF driver2 x 10"(380mm) wooferHF driver1×3"neodymium driverSpeaker cablesLF 1(+)1(-)  HF 2(+)2(-)Connector2×NL4MP SpeakonCabinetHigh Density plywoodDimensions(W x H x D)490×580×669mm(W×H×D)Net Weight37kg

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