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La Dual 12 Inch 3-way Passive Line Array 1200w

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Applications: Theaters, sports venues, outdoor performances, nightclubs, indoor show,concert, bar, and the installation of fixed and other places use. LA212J Is designed for theaters, sports venues, outdoor performances and other places well-designed, high-density plywood cabinets, it consists of two 12-inch (300mm) high-power low-frequency drives and four high-quality high-power mid and Second a coverage angle of 90 ° horizontal power two 75mm × 7.5 ° vertical high-frequency horn on neodymium high-frequency driver. Its internal components available with the high-frequency circuit protection with passive crossover, high-frequency compression driver protection circuit prevents overload damage. In a permanent installation, built-in cabinet M8 hanging points, applicable to different environments.Its biggest feature is the small size, light weight, projection distance, high sensitivity, penetrating power, high sound pressure level, clear voice, strong reliability, inter-regional voice coverage uniformity and other characteristics. The appearance of durable, high-density plywood used as a structural material of the box, and the box surface using high-durability gray-black diamond paint. Aging of such intensity is very strong speakers Model LA312J / LA208JType Dual 12Inch Three-way Line Array SystemFrequency response 45Hz-18kHz± 3dBPower Handing LF 1200W (RMS) 2400W (PEAK) MF320W(RMS) 640W(PEAK) HF 90W (RMS) 180W (PEAK)Sensitivity LF 98dB(1W@1M)/HF MF 97dB(1W@1M);110dB(1W@1M)Nominal impedance 4ohms (HF/MF); 8ohms(LF)Max SPL(@1m) 138dB(PEAK/1M)Coverage(H x V) 90°H×7.5°VLF driver 2 x 12" wooferMF driver 4 x 5.5"HF driver 1× 3"Speaker cables LF 1(+)1(-)  HF 2(+)2(-)Connector 2×NL8 SpeakonCabinet High Density plywoodDimensions(W x H x D) 508×356×991mm(W×H×D)Net Weight 67kg

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