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Lab Biochemical Incubator

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Summary of fuctions  Applicable in scientific research institutions, universities and colleges, manufacturing enterprises, etc. For environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, drug testing, farm livestock and aquatic products. It is special-purpose thermostatic equipment for water body analysis and BOD measurement, and cultivation conservation, planting, breeding test of bacteria, mold and microorganism.  Product characteristics  ◆Internal stainless mirror plane and four half-arc squares are easy to clean and inside the incubator the space between the shelves is adjustable.  ◆Microcomputer temperature controller is precise and reliable in temperature control.  ◆Two-double sash door observation window makes observation converient and clear.NamesBiochemical IncubatorModle IncubatorModelLRH-70 LRH-150 LRH-250 MJ-150-I MJ-150-II MJ-250-I MJ-250-II Temperature Range0-60℃  15-45℃       /10-45℃  0-60℃  15-45℃       /10-45℃  Temperature Precision±3℃  Temperature Fluctuation±0.75℃  ±1℃  ±0.75℃  ±1℃  Range of Humidity Control60-90%RH 60-85%RH Humidity Fluctuation±5%-±8%RH ±5%-±8%RH Input Power350W 480W 670W 480W 520W 670W 700W Wording Size (mm)400×350×500 500×370×810 520×470×1050 500×370×810 520×470×1050 Overall dimension (mm)530×560×1080 600×580×1330 620×670×1590 600×580×1330 840×910×1400

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