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Laboratory Tube Pumps Bt100m

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If you want to check the laboratory tube pumps bt100m price with one China laboratory tube pumps bt100m manufacturer and distributor or one of the professional such suppliers, Chuangrui is always at your service.Product DescriptionThe basic type peristaltic pump BT100M has 4-led to display the flowrate or speed .with 2 mode optional. It also has flow calibration function. With a variety of control methods, with the communication interface to provide users with communication protocol, users can request custom PC software for remote control. Function and Features:*With liquid calibration, flow rate displaying function.*This product can be installed by YZ1515x, YZ2515x, DG series pump heads.etc..*With both-way large torque, low power motor. It can be connected with several pump heads to satisfy the different demands of flow rates.*Long life, digital rotary knob, easy to operate, high control precision, and ensure to transfer the high precision fluid.*FULL SPEED button available for filling in & emptying out the tubing.*Memory function available in case of power off and it will continue the work once the power was restarted.*Long-range control is available through the DB15 interface of the drive: speed control, start-stop control, direction control.*Has RS485 communication interface, supports MODBUS communication protocol. And communication protocols customized is available.*Good cost performance.Typical Applications*In the laboratories of colleges and research institutes*Water treatment sampling*For liquid chromatography*Assort with dry granulating machine*Filtration of cell culture fluidTechnical parameters:Drive typeBT100MBT300MBT600MTech. parametersRevolving speed range0.1-100rpm0.1-300rpm0.1-600rpmSpeed resolution0.1rpmFlow rate range0.0015-380ml/min0.0015-1140ml/min0.0015-2280ml/minSpeed error

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