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Large Outdoor Water Fountain

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Product Description
Get spectacular water effects into your musical or dancing fountains, thanks to our PLC or DMX technology control panels. Our control panels integrate a PC, software and this technology makes the water and light dance to the beat of the music.With the most advanced valve and nozzle system, a large fountain may present a wide range of water shapes in ball, mushroom, fan, lance, phoenix, tree, rainbow, crown, cluster and so on……Awesome water feature can be performed by the dancing rotating nozzles, the dancing rotating nozzle turns water into a harmonious and rhythmical dance which, along with its gentle murmuring, relaxes the senses.With the advantage of LED light technology available today and also color projectors, they create a visual spectrum of abstract attractions. The beam of light shining upward from the fountain can be seen from far away from sky on its brightest spot.

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