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Laser Cutting Tubes

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Xiamen Earnest Supply Chain Co.,Limited is one of the professional China laser cutting tubes manufacturers, we are very good at laser tube, tube cutting, laser tube cutting, tube laser cutting design, and we always offer you cheap products with good quality.laser cutting tubesLaser cutting is the most precise of cutting options for processing steel tube and pipe, the process allows for complex details and good edge quality. Totten offers laser cutting on tube and pipe sizes up to 12” x 12” square and 12” round, any hole, slot, cope, or compound miter can be cut to approximately 0.002" tolerance. Industrial laser cutters are becoming more common for processing tube and pipe, as their extreme accuracy eliminates further machining. From ERW tube and DOM tube, to pipe in various shapes and lengths, Totten Tubes will process your laser cutting project to your exact specifications.ItemDescription10.FactoryXiamen, welcome for visit our factory11.Export experiencedecades12.Surface treatment"Hot galvanized, polishing, chrome/zinc/nickel plating, powder coating, anadize"

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