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Laser O2 Gas Analyzer

PRICE: 15000 USD
Product Description

In-situ O2 gas anayzer

Measurement range :0-5%( can be customized)

T90 ≤ ±1% FS

Repeatability ≤ ±1% FS

ExdIICT5 and IP65

No affected by background gas

 No affected by dust interference

Automatic correction of temperature and pressure on the measurement    

In Situ,continuous,real time

Average concentration along the optical path,

No moving parts,high reliable

No cross interference from background gas species;automatic correction for dust and optical window contamination

Applicable to adverse Calibration :3-4 times/year


No spare parts ,only electricity

Environments such as high temperature,high pressure ,high dust density,high water vapor density,high flow velocity,high corrosiveness

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