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Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China laser water chiller manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with professional factory we are always able to produce low price laser water chiller, industrial water chiller, best water cooler, water cooler, water chillers with reliable quality.      CW-3000: Applied for single laser tube 60W, 80W;CW-5000: Applied for single laser tube 80W, 100W;CW-5200: Applied for single laser tube 150W;CW-5200: Applied for double laser tubes 80W, 100W;Main features of CW-3000:1. Heat dissipation 50W/℃;2. Small cooling water cooler; high efficiency and energy saving, long life, easy to operate;3. With water flow alarm and super high temperature alarm function;4. Multinational power specifications; CE certification;5. Easy installation, stable performance, saving energy and long life time.ModelCW-3000AGCW-3000DGCW-3000AFCW-3000DFCW-3000AKCW-3000DKWork VoltageAC 1P 220VAC 1P 110VAC 1P 220VAC 1P 110VAC 1P 220VAC 1P 110VWork Frequency50/60HzWork Current0.45A0.9A0.45A0.9A0.5A1.0AHeat Dissipation50W/℃Capacity9LIn/Out Water PortOutside Dia:10mm (Copper)Dia: 8mm JointMaximum Lift10M70MMaximum Flow10L/min2L/minSafety ProtectionFlow AlarmNet Weight9.5Kgs12KgsGross Weight12Kgs14.5KgsMachine Size49 X 27 X 38cm (L X W X H)Packing Size59 X 39 X 48cm (L X W X H)Main features of CW-5000 water cycle cooling machine:1. Refrigeration capacity up to 800W, use environmentally refrigerant;2. Compact size, long life, easy to operate;3. Temperature control precision reach ±0.3℃;4. Water chiller intelligent temperature controller with two control ways, suitable for different occasions, there are multiple set and fault display function;5. With a variety of alarm and protection function: compressor delay protection; water flow alarm; ultra high / low temperature alarm;6. Multinational power specifications, CE\RoHS certification;ModelCW-5000AGCW-5000BGCW-5000DGCW-5000AHCW-5000BHCW-5000DHCW-5000AICW-5000BICW-5000DIWork Voltage220V220V110V220V220V110V220V220V110VWork Frequency50Hz60Hz60Hz50Hz60Hz60Hz50Hz60Hz60HzWork Current1.4~2.1A3.5~5.6A1~4.8A3.5~5.6A1.4~2.1A3.5~5.6ACompressor Power0.295KW0.38KW0.305KW0.295KW0.38KW0.305KW0.295KW0.38KW0.305KW0.40HP0.52HP0.41HP0.40HP0.52HP0.41HP0.40HP0.52HP0.41HPRefrigerating Capacity2361Btu/h2999Btu/h2866Btu/h2361Btu/h2999Btu/h2866Btu/h2361Btu/h2999Btu/h2866Btu/h0.692KW0.879KW0.84KW0.692KW0.879KW0.84KW0.692KW0.879KW0.84KW595Kcal/h756Kcal/h722Kcal/h595Kcal/h756Kcal/h722Kcal/h595Kcal/h756Kcal/h722Kcal/hRefrigerantR-134aFilling Quantity300g320g280g300g320g280g300g320g280gTemperature Control Precision±0.3℃Current RegulatorcapillarySafeguardOver current protection of compressor, flow alarm, over temperature alarmPump Power0.03KW0.051KW0.1KWCapacity6LIn/Out Water PortOutside Dia:10mm (Copper)Dia: 8mm JointMaximum Lift10 M12M25MMaximum Flow10 L/min13L/min16 L/minNet Weight24 KgsGross Weight27 KgsMachine Size58 X 29 X 47 cm (L X W X H)Packing Size70 X 43 X 58 cm (L X W X H)More Spare Parts to buy:Laser Tubes, Laser Power Supply, Water Chillers, Laser Controllers, Laser Motors, Laser Drivers, Laser Focus Lens, Laser Reflective Mirrors, Laser Head, Laser Pulley, Laser Belt, etc.

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