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Leaching Tank

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Product Description
Jinfeng Gold Mining Machinery is one of the best leaching tank manufacturers in China, equipped with good factory, welcome to wholesale leaching tank made in China from us.Product featuresThis product is used in carbon paste flow and cyanidation process. The carbon-immersing tank should match other auxiliary devices like carbon-separating screen, and recessed impeller pump, etc. Its structural features: the upper and lower layer of impellers are steel plate encapsulated with rubber, which are connected by means of bolts, with the features like good equilibrium, easy replacement, and long service life. The main shafts are divided into the upper layer and the lower layer, which are connected by means of locating flanges, able to reduce the lifting height; inflate at several points dispersingly, with good air mixing performance.Note for selectionPlanet cyclonic reducing motor is usually adopted for driving, with the features like simple structure and low price. If gear worm drive is required, please order it specially and specify it.Technical parameter list of Leaching tankModel(mm)Size of the tankD×H(m³)Effective volume(r/min)Revolution of impeller(mm)Diameter of impeller(mm)Diameter of feeding pipe(mm)Diameter of discharging pipe(kg)WeightModelSpeed ratio(kw)Motor powerφ2.5×2.52500×25006658002-φ1332-φ133XLD2.2-4-29292.22800φ2.5×3.152500×315013579352-φ1252-φ125XLD2.2-4-29292.23120φ3×3.153000×315018.935111302-φ1502-φ150XLD4-5-353545300φ3.15×3.553150×3550244312602-φ1502-φ150XLD4-5-353545488φ3.5×3.53500×3500294613102-φ1502-φ150XLD5.5-5-29295.57820φ3.55×4.03500×40003536.313102-φ1502-φ150XLD4-5-353546646φ4.0×4.54000×45005033.515002-φ1502-φ150XLD7.5-7-43437.58285φ4.5×5.04500×500071.6733.517502-φ159×62-φ159×6XLD7.5-7-43437.510800φ5.0×5.65000×5600983119002-φ159×82-φ159×8XLD11-8-47471113340φ5.5×6.05500×60001123121002-φ159×82-φ159×8XLD11-8-47471118745φ7.5×8.07500×8000268.62129002-φ159×82-φ159×8XLD22-10-47472232796φ8.0×8.58000×850034216.432002-φ159×82-φ159×8XLD22-11-59592242467

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