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Lead-free Pcb Board, Lead-free Printed Circuit Board Service

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Lead-Free PCB Board , Printed Circuit Board Service From MOKOA wide-ranging, lead-free solder solution is available with MOKO. We have a highly trained workforce that is well versed in all aspects of lead-free soldering including, choice of solder alloy, solder paste verification, wave solder flux checking, optimizing of various processes, design rules, parts checking, accuracy, tools inspection, quality checking, and manufacturing prices. Our active involvement with industry standards companies has helped us to comfortably follow the industry-wide transition to lead-free products.Our lead-free services consist of:Pb-Free PCBsPb-Free ReworkPb-Free Circuit board Assembly (SMT or THA)Pb-Free Wave SolderingPb-Free Materials AnalysisUtilizing unique assembly procedures that comply with lead-free and RoHS PCB assembly standards is the core function of our lead-free PCB assembly service. Furthermore, we also coordinate with customers for transition of RoHS compliant electronic PCBs along with lead-free circuit board assembly. In addition to assembling lead-free PCBs, we also support our clients in determining that the components in the bill of materials meet the lead-free PCB fabrication requirements as per standards. Additionally, we even source lead-free parts for our customers and deliver bills of materials with suitable components as a value-added service for turn-key, lead-free, mid- to high-volume assembly.PCB TestingThe visual inspection is done as soon as the soldering is finished so as to ensure minimal manufacturing defects. Our procedures are in compliance with 610D soldering acceptability standards. MOKO has experienced personnel for verifying lead-free solder joints.How to obtain a quote for Lead Free PCB, PCB services?    PCB Online Quote: An Instant PCB price can be quoted after selection of a few options. Click online Customer service to get a quick Quote for Lead Free PCB.    BOM Pricing: To get a BOM price within 24 hours, email the BOM to jenny@mokotechnology.com.cn and include all details such as quantities, reference designators, and manufacturer name and part number.If you have any queries or questions, please Email us, and you will get a reply within one working day. For immediate service, please call us at one of our contact numbers during our normal working hours.

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