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Leakage Sensor

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Product Name: Temperature Sensor Product Function: Home security in the armed state, real-time, accurate measurement of the ambient temperature, once the home temperature anomalies, the alarm will be sent directly to the owners and family mobile Product Name: Leakage sensorProduct Function: Still worried about the kitchen faucet is not forgot to turn off, or water pipe suddenly burst, or when the stormy rain water windowsill slowly infiltrated your window, and now this fear dumped it. Leak sensor to prevent accidental leakage born at home, the main body can be attached to the wall, placed in the ground probe, when the water level is higher than 2mm, the sensor can detect the water, changing the state of APP, while warning information pushed to the owners and the family of phones to facilitate the procurement of courier measures to remove anomalies.Product Size: L*W*H 65.5mm*29.0mm*12mmProduct Features: Product design originality, basic shape and door and window sensors same mold can be shared, in case ingenious distinction between blue, increase product recognition, both economic aesthetics. A key to open the mobile phone scene mode, all components linked alert if abnormal timely push information to the phone.Using Scene: Kitchen or bathroom can be used for home and other places, when the water level is higher than 2mm in contact with the sensor, to the police, the information is transmitted to the family by APP mobile phone.Specifications: working distance

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