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Led Lighting Thermal Pads

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ALIBABA.COM TRADE ASSURANCE CODE BEGIN ALIBABA.COM TRADE ASSURANCE CODE END Dongguan Leader Optronics Technology Co.,Ltd with professional factory, is a best  LED lighting thermal pads manufacturers. Welcome to wholesale high quality LED lighting thermal pads from us.Features& Benefits:-Thermal conductivity:0.8w/m.k-Moderate tacky on both sides-High conformability to uneven surfaces at low stress application-Electrical isolatingTypical Application Includes:-LED Lighting           -Power Supply-Power conversion   -DIM ModulesConfigurations:-Roll form, sheet form, and die-cut parts -Tape application availableThickness available:0.25mm, 0, 3mm, 0.5mm-2.0mm, increment by 0.5mmTypical Properties of Gap Pad LD8080PropertyUnitMetric ValueTest MethodColor***White GreyVisualThicknessmm0.5~2.0ASTM  D374Densityg/cc1.8ASTM  D792HardnessShore C30±5ASTM  D2240Tensile StrengthKN/m1.6ASTM  D412Continuous Use Temp.°C-40-150°CEN 344ElectricalBreakdown VoltageKv/mm≥4.0ASTM  D149Volume ResistivityΩ.cm1.7×1016ASTM  D257Flame ratingV-0V-0UL  94ThermalThermal ConductivityW/m.k0.8ASTM D5470Thermal Conductive PadsLD8080,0.8w/m.k                   LD8100,1.0w/m.kLD8100+F100,1.0w/m.k         DL8120,1.2w/m.kLD8150+F100,1.5w/m.k         LD8150,1.5w/m.kLD8200,2.0w/m.k                   LD8250,2.5w/m.kLD8300,3.0w/m.k                   LD8400,4.0w/m.kCustom-make thermal pads ,pls send inquiry to us.Thermal tapesLD8N12,1.2w/m.k           LD8F10,1.0w/m.kThermal Conductive InsulatorLD8K08,0.8w/m.k           LD8K10,1.0w/m.k

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