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Led Low Bay Light

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Product Description
LED Low Bay Light  The LED low bay is suitable for voltages all over the world due  to UL certificated driver. With the aluminum housing, the low bay is done on  the surface spraying treatment so that the color completely depends on the  customers’ needs. The Makrolon® polycarbonate is used in the low bay for  its high transmittance, UV protection and optical grade.To ensure  long life expectancy, the low bay has integrated heat dissipation structure and  does well in natural air convection cooling effect. And the reflector and heat  body part can be separable for easy package and low shipping cost.  ItemPower(w)PFLuminous Flux(lm)LD-LB-A030300.93000LD-LB-A040400.94000LD-LB-A050500.95000LD-LB-A060600.96000

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