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Ledia Led Moudle --series B

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Product Description
1.Features: 1. High brightness LED with heat sink, good heat dissipation; 2. Al substrate for LED and components , with better heat dissipation; 3. Constant current driver ensuring full bunch with consistent brightness and stably working; 4. Secondary optic design,high light transmittance Optical lens, 45*15; 5. Best sealed, IP65 with moisture-proof, water-proof, dust-proof and impact resistance; 6. Adopting PVC injection molding technology, with nice structure & design; 7. All raw materials are in accordance with RoHS standards; 2.Appliation: Back-lit for light box, Blister character, Metal words, Flat words, Super-thin light box

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Guangzhou Ledia Lighting Technology Company Limited
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Steven Deng