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Lg Inverter Water Supply

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Product uses: ■ LG inverter water supply equipment automatic constant pressure variable flow water supply equipment Outline■Features Energy efficient, water pressure distressed set, a full-featured, programmable control, reliable operation, simple operation, with perfect protection, equipment, long life, anti-interference ability.■ The main purpose Urban and rural water works pumping stations, gas stations, residential areas, hotels, restaurants and other large public buildings of the living water and fire water. Various types of industrial and mining enterprises of production and living water. Heating and air conditioning, hot and cold water circulation system. Agricultural drainage and irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and the musical fountain and so on.■ the use of conditions and the use of Use conditions: ambient temperature :4-40℃ maximum temperature: 80 ℃ maximum relative temperature: 78℃ permit voltage: 380V ± 5% maximum altitude: 1000M Media the biggest solid content (by weight ratio): 1% of the largest media particle size: 0.1mm medium pH: PH = 6 ~ 8 absorbent ways: water pressure. If the user requirements of negative pressure suction can be designed according to user requirements diversion device. Use range: The total flow of the main pump: 5 ~ 135I / s main pump lift: 22 ~ 158M matching the total electric power: 12.1 ~ 274KW inhalation Explorer diameter: Dna = 150 ~ 250mm in diameter from Explorer: Dna = 100 ~ 150mm■ Working Principle By the pressure sensor or flow meter Wei flow situation will be converted into electrical signals into the automatic control box-wei, the signal through the automatic control box operator feedback to the inverter, by adjusting the frequency converter to change the motor speed, so at any time to change the water pump running will be constant pressure of work at a particular point, and flow according to the size of water changes, not only can achieve energy saving, and safe and reliable. The device is in parallel with multiple pumps, when the water less than or equal to a single work flow pump, the pump start to work for a gradual increase of water in excess of a single work flow pumps, the pumps have been put into operation frequency, and frequency pumps play a regulating role of micro. When the water gradually reduced when the pump frequency to stop working one by one until the pump. At the same time the unit is equipped with a pump or pressure tank regulator, when the water is an hour by air pressure storage tank pressure regulator pump water or provide water pressure to maintain system pump to stop working, their energy better. Units 1-4 by hosts pumps, a pump regulator (or pressure tank), water mains, valves, automation instruments, automatic frequency control box, etc., thus easy to install, compact structure. Factory tested, stable performance.■ Model significance

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