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Lifting Belt Conveyor

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Summary of mobile lifting belt conveyor products:The mobile lifting belt conveyor produced by our company is suitable for the conveying of bulk grain,Website:, grain, stacking, loading and unloading car, etc. and has specifications of 5 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters, 15 meters and 18 meters, 20 meters, etc. Portable belt conveyor has two kinds of electric and manual lifting type. Portable belt conveyor has two kinds of fast and slow speed so as to adapt to the different requirements of bulk transport and packaging, improving the equipment utilization and multi-use performance. On both sides of portable belt conveyor machine frame, catheter is equipped to prevent food package nestlings during transport, and on both sides of the feed hopper, the regulating handle is equipped to support the side plate and prevent food and leakage and is advantageous for the bulk grain conveying. Large and small wheel adopts solid tire to prevent crush grain and warehouse ground. Large and small rolling wheels are equipped with ball bearing. Small size wheel has the function of automatic steering wheel to ensure the machine moving lightly and flexibly. Portable belt conveyor frame adopting welding truss structure, has enough strength and good rigidity under the package shipped concentrated load . Mobile belt conveyor is divided into two specifications of mobile belt conveyor without elevating and mobile belt conveyor without elevating and it is suitable for bulk grain, food delivery, storage, loading and unloading, etc. Mobile lifting belt conveyor is divided into two types: 1, portable without elevating belt conveyor; 2, portable lifting belt conveyor.Mobile lifting belt conveyor technology parameter list:itemDY5051DY5071DY50101DY50102DY50102ADY50151DY50152DY50152Alength ofmachine (m)57101010151515belt width(mm)500500500500500500500500belt speed(m/s) (m)1.631.591.774.524.521.616.326.32delivery valuem3/h160160160125125160125125t/h145145145112112145112112Tilt Angle(°)13°59′9°16′6.5°10°~22°10°~22°3.81°10°~22°10°~22°motorized drummodelDY1.4DY1.4DY1.4DY1.5DY1.3DY1.4DY1.6DY1.3power(kw) weight (kg)51860489211261071122514911491Product order instructions for lifting belt conveyer:If you want to order lifting belt conveyer, pls  indicate the Belt bandwidth, belt speed requirements, conveying distance, conveying height, conveying throughput, tilt angle and material properties, requirement of adjustable lifting gear or not, etclifting belt conveyor series can be can divides into lifting type and unlifting type. Our company can customize different length like five meters, eights meters, ten meters, twelve meters, fifteen meters, eighteen meters, etc and different bandwidth like B500, B650,B800,B1000,etc.We will choose flat belt, chevron belt, guard belt and other belts according with materials.

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