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Light Guide Board (lgb) Side Lit Led Cabinet Light

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Ultra-thin and delicate cabinet light; Adopts side-lit (LGB: light guide board) technology,Website:, produce execllent well-distributed lighting; Unique structure design using magnet fixing, easy for installation and tool free maintenance; Aluminum profile with anodized finishing has qualitative feeling; Customized length and power are welcomed.Detail SpecificationWith 30pcs of top brand SMD LED; Side-lit LEDs surround Ivory-white light guide board; Aluminium structure profile with anodized finishing; External LED driver; Surface mounting, fixed by magnetic force mounting piece.If you are looking for one of the leading led ultrathin cabinet light, led side lit cabinet light, slim cabinet light, surface mount cabinet light manufacturers and factory, East Bright Technology Limited is always at your service.Model No.DimensionPowerInputEfficacyCCT.CRI.Beam∠Profile ∠C6010 L120mmW60.4mmH9.1mm3.6W12V DC60lm/W3000K/4000K Ra>80180°90°Horizontal

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