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Liner Hanger

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Liner Hanger  Liner hanger is mainly through the hydraulic transmission to achieve the Liner Hanger,Website:, which is widely used in the technology of oil and gas well and geothermal well.  Features1.Suitable for casing sidetracking drilling, deepening and workover operation.2.Unique liquid cylinder design to ensure that the base is more reliable, the liner hanger could  be used for different well conditions..3.Cementing Rubber plug, ball seat are designed with a locking mechanism, the bump pressure can prevent leakage and floating.4.With the proposed sealing core to the wellhead.5.Reverse button operation is simple, as long as the pressure will be fed into the 3~5 tons of drilling tools, are turning to be easily inverted button.  Technical Parameters -- Liner Hanger Casing Size Tool OD up OD down Weight OD in in Lb/ft in 7 4-1/2 26.3~32.0 5.969 7 5 26.3~32.0 5.969 9-5/8 5-1/2 40.0~47.0 8.469 9-5/8 6-5/8 40.0~47.0 8.469 9-5/8 7 40.0~47.0 8.469 13-3/8 9-5/8 54.5~68.0 12.125 13-3/8 10-3/4 54.5~68.0 12.125  If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us by

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