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Liquid Nitrogen Gas Generator By Cryogenic

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As an qualified air separation equipment manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience,Website:, CANGAS developed the oxygen and nitrogen generation plants by cryogenic technology at the begining of 2014.Cryogenics, a branch of low-temperature physics concerned with the effects of very low temperatures, was first investigated by Michael Faraday, who demonstrated that gases could be liquefied leading to the production of low temperatures of around 173 K. Cryogenic technology gained widespread recognition during the 1960s, with emphasis on cryogenic techniques, cooling system installation configurations, and applications. With various applications of cryogenic technology in earlier commercial and industrial systems, the critical design issues and the operational aspect of cryogenic systems, with an emphasis on cost and reliability, is apparently important. We are aware of the significant performance improvements in devices, components, and systems due to the integration of cryogenic technology, with major emphasis on reliability, affordability, and availability. Cryogenic technology for the production of inert gases for industrial, commercial, and military applications is the the main field that we are working on.

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