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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps VVN

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Product Description
Liquid ring vacuum pumps output VVN 0.3 m3/min, 2 m3/min 3 m3/min 6 m3/min, 12 m3/min, 25 m3/min, 50 m3/min are intended for evacuating gases and vapors to creating a vacuum in the range of operating pressures from atmospheric to 10 kPa processes. Liquid ring vacuum pumps VVN used in all industries where it is necessary to pump out the dirty, dusty, containing condensed moisture gases, including flammable, explosive and corrosive gases. They create a rough vacuum in a wide range of performance and are used in combination with ejector, steam and water pumps and Roots. Pump 2VVN1-3M are designed and manufactured in carbon steel and alloys and in stainless steel (2VVN1-3MN). To improve performance, and gain a deeper vacuum pump is equipped with an ejector stage BBH EV. Ejectors are intended to pump gas and vapor mixtures. Ejector EV-3 is developed and manufactured from carbon steel and alloys, and in stainless steel (EV-3H).

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