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Live Pig Shackling Conveyor

PRICE: 12500 USD
Product Description

1, Equipment usages
Live pig hanging machine is one live pig transporting equipment ,which is convenience to use the shackle  chain  to  shackle the pig leg during the  slaughtering live pig..

2, Main structure and character
Speed reducer,guard rail,driving chain wheel,rack,transporting blet and driven chain wheel constitute this machine. Feature of the equipment: It is convenient to shackle the pig let to lift  and guard the operator’ safety .

3, Operating points
The waiting-to-be -slaughtered pig will enter into the equipment through the driving the pig passage.In the equipment the pig’s legs will be hanging in the air and can’t be moved, which is convenience for the shackle chain to shackle  one of the hindleg to hang into  the bloodletting transporting machine for killing and bloodletting.

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