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Long-life Ball Case Grease

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Long-life Ball Case GreaseBasic Information: Base OilSemi-synthetic base oil.ThickenerNew-type complex soap.AdditivesSuperfine powder of molybdenum disulfide etc.Typical Values: ItemTypical ValuesAppearanceBlack fine smooth    ointmentWorked cone    penetration, 0.1mm295~330Dropping Point, ºC ≥260Corrosion(T2 sheet copper,100℃,24h) % ≤No green or black    changeExtreme-pressure performance: 4-ball test, PB, ≥588Steel mesh oil filtering (100℃,24h)% ≤2.0Low Temperature Torque (-40℃), N·MStarting Torque ≤ Running Torque ≤ 0.260.018Features: →Excellent high temperature performance, ensuring lubrication of facilities under high temperature. →Premium extreme pressure property, keeping metal parts luminous as new. →Good compatibility with plastics. →Great corrosion protection, keeping metal parts from corrosion. →Excellent property for staring under low temperature, good for using in cold areas.Application: →This is a specialized grease for ball cases, suitable for lubrication and sealing of constant velocity universal joint; also applicable for lubrication and sealing of friction parts like rolling bearing for facilities imported.Temperature range: -40℃~180℃.

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