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Long Life Solar Deep Cycle 12v38ah Ups Lead Acid Battery

Product Description

Long Life Solar Deep Cycle 12V38ah UPS Lead Acid Battery

1. Maintenance-free: advanced VRLA technology and absorption glass fiber separator to save the trouble adding electrolyte within usage life.

2. Leak tightness: unique structure design and sealing technology to guarantee no electrolyte leak regardless of chargers position. 

3. No memory effect: the capacity of some batteries like NI-CD is to reduce as a result of repeated usages, namely memory effect, while battery has no such deficiency. 

4. Low self discharge: Battery adopts special lead-calcium alloy slab lattice control to reduce battery self discharge to its minimum level to save trouble re-charging in long-time use. 

5. Long life: special material slab lattice and electrolyte added by high polymer material to expand the life span of the  battery

6. Wide range of suitable temperature.

7. Safe: low pressure air vent valve system to avoid excess gas producing inside the battery to guarantee normal usage life.



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