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Low Iron Float Glass

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Low Iron Float GlassThickness: 3mm,3.2mm,4mm,5mm, 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,19mmSize: 1830×2134mm; 1830×2440mm; 1650×2134mm; 1650×2440mm; 3660×2134mm; 3660×2440mm;               3300×2134mm; 3300×2440mm; 3050×2134mm; 3300×5000mm; 3300×6500mm; 3300×6000mmRemarks:Other thickness and sizes may be available as per customers.GLASS DESCRIPTION●MigoGlass Low Iron Float Glass, aka Ultra Clear Float Glass, Extra Clear Float Glass, contains a lower percentage of iron content than clear float glass. Low iron float glass has high light transmittance, optimum clarity and vision by reducing green tint and iron content.●Low Iron Float Glass can be further processed, such as tempering, laminating, insulating, coating, bending and so on.●With light transmittance higher than 91%, 3.2mm&4.0mm low iron float glass is also called photovoltaic glass, and is widely used for making solar panels, solar thermal collectors. ●The thicker the clear float glass is, the greener it becomes. But on the contrary, for MIGO low iron glass, the thicker it is, the more transparent it looks.GLASS CHARACTERISTICS●High clarity ensures true color and optimum vision quality when looking through the glass. ●High light and solar transmittance.●Excellent safety, low self-explosion rate. ●Low UV transmittance, environmentally-friendly. APPLICATIONS●Cover glass of PV modules, solar collectors●Interior and exterior decoration of high-end buildings (curtain walls, front doors, transparent roof, glass ribs, glass suspended ceiling, room partitions, glass railing, staircase and etc.)●Display cabinet●Glass furniture such as table tops, glass shelves●Shower screens

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