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Low Voltage Track Dc 12v / Dc 24v

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Cabinet and delicate DC track for spotlight and light bar; Adopts magnet fixing and electricty conduction, makes the spotlight and light bar be easily taken on / off and easily to be moved to any position on the track; With directly and righ angle connectors satisify the different mounting requests; the PC housing can be made in different colors.Detail SpecificationLinkable & cutable mini track (standard length is 1m); Inside with plating steel sheets for electric conduction and lights fixing; There are screw holes or back glue for mounting; There are 90° and 180° connecter as accessories; The end side with #22 DC outlet cable for LED driver connection.If you are looking for one of the leading low voltage track system, mini track, magnet track, magnet track light system manufacturers and factory, East Bright Technology Limited is always at your service.Model No.DimensionPowerInputEfficacyCCT.CRI.Beam∠Profile ∠T6000L1000mmW18mmH6mm-12V DC-----

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