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Lvneng Iso Grade Wear-resisting Ceramic Balls

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Lvneng ISO grade Wear-resisting ceramic ballsLvneng ISO grade wear-resisting ceramic balls Product introduction  Wear-resisting ceramics including high alumina wear-resistant ball, corundum wear-resisting and zirconium oxide wear-resisting ball, with big density, high mechanical strength, wear-resisting performance is good wait for an advantage, is a kind of nonmetallic grinding media widely application. This product is mainly used in machinery, electronics, ceramics, building materials, aerospace and other fields, also can be used in the chemical fertilizer, chemical industry, etc. In addition to the ball, can also according to user requirements made into all kinds of pipe, ring, rod, beam, plate and other componentsLvneng ISO grade wear-resisting ceramic balls ParametersItemsMQ-1 High Alumina Ceramic BallsMQ-2 Corundum BallsMQ-3 Zirconia BallsAppearance Grey black ballsWhite ballsWhite ballsBulk density,  g/cm32.8-3.03.5-3.85.8-6.2Attrition rate,  %0.05-0.10.05-0.060.005-0.01Crush strength,  MPa300450600min

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