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Lvneng Molecular Sieve Material

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Lvneng molecular sieve materialLvneng molecular sieve material Basic Info.Shape:Sphere;Diameter:3.0-5.0mm;Bulk Density:≥0.65-0.80g/ml;Equilibrium Water Capacity ( 25℃):≥24.0-27.0wt%;Equilibrium Carbon Dioxide Capacity:≥18wt%;Heat of Adsorption:1800BTU/lb of H2O;Crush Strength:≥80-130N;Attrition Rate:≤0.1wt%;Size Qualification:≥97%;Package Moisture:≤1.5 wt%Lvneng molecular sieve material Product DescriptionWe can supply all kinds of bearings, such as1. Chrome steel ball,2. Stainless steel ball3. Carbon steel ball4. Ceramic ballHigh qulity, competitive price, good serviceModel No: Chrome, stainless, carbon steel ball, ceramic.AISI304 AISI316 Stainless Steel Ball SpecificationA main component of A-type molecular sieve is aluminosilicate, with a LTA-type skeletal structure made of silicon-oxy and alumina tetrahedron. The main crystal structure is eight membered rings.Lvneng molecular sieve material application: Removal of water, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons from feed gas in air pre-purification units;PSA separation for Iso/normal paraffin (n-C4~n-C6 mixtures);Purification of air, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and synthesis gases from mixed gas streams; Dehydration and purification of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), ammonia cracked gas and other industrial gases or liquids;Removal of H2S(hydrogen sulfide),COS and light thiol from natural gas and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas);Specialized desulfurization deodorant;Dehydration and purification of inert gas.

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