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Lying Type Hyperbaric Chamber For Wound Healing

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How Does HBOT Enhance Wound Healing?The combination of high pressure and pure oxygen used in HBOT can help your body heal itself faster at several levels.The atmospheric pressure around you determines how much oxygen makes it into your lungs.  In a high-pressure environment – like the chamber that you’re in during HBOT treatments – more oxygen can make its way into your lungs. Once that extra oxygen is in your lungs, it heads into the bloodstream and gets delivered to cells all over your body.  Your cells can actually absorb more oxygen in a high-pressure environment than they can in normal pressure situations.Every healing process in your bones, soft tissues, and cells depends on having enough oxygen.  By exposing yourself to high quantities of high oxygen – like what you get during HBOT treatments – it stimulates your body’s natural healing capabilities.All of the extra oxygen that makes its way into your system does 5 things great things for your body:1.It makes your body create more blood vessels, which improves your circulation.  The better your circulation is, the faster your wounds can heal.2.HBOT injects more oxygen into your cerebral spine fluid, lymphatic fluid, and plasma (the liquid portion of your blood).  Those are the fluids responsible for sending oxygen out to your tissues.  The more oxygen they have, the more they can send to the tissues.  Extra oxygen in your tissues helps rid the body of bacteria, viruses, and excess yeast.3.Extra oxygen in your tissues can also eliminate chronic health problems.  Many issues arise because your tissues don’t have enough oxygen in them.  As a result, you wind up with tissues that don’t function at normal levels – or that stop functioning altogether.  But, once you get high levels of oxygen into your tissues, they can usually regain normal function.  And, luckily, they can do it quickly!4.Extra oxygen also boosts the activity of your white blood cells.  The stronger your white blood cells are, the easier it is for your body to get rid of infections.  Also, strong white blood cells can help your body fight off infections before they have time to develop and make you sick.5.Having extra oxygen in your system can also reduce inflammation around the body.  Inflammation can be caused by all sorts of things – like infections, allergies, and exposure to toxins.  By getting rid of the inflammation in your body, you can actually slow down the aging process!In some cases, HBOT will be used in conjunction with other treatments – like physical therapy – in order to speed up the healing process.1.What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy is the breathing of pure oxygen while inside a treatment chamber. The purpose of the therapy is to provide increased amounts of oxygen to the body.2.How does it work?The air we breathe is 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen and minor amounts of other gases. Our bodies are usually able to heal themselves with a normal oxygen level, but in certain conditions extra oxygen is required. During HBO therapy, the pressure is increased with more than 90% purity oxygen. The breathing of pure oxygen under pressure causes a much larger than normal amount of oxygen to be dissolved in the blood and subsequently, the rest of the body. The extra oxygen is used by the body in many ways. Depending on the underlying problem, the oxygen can improve wound healing by reducing swelling, keeping infection under control and stimulating new blood vessel growth.3.How long is the treatment?Usually 60-90 minutes for each time, 5-7 Times per week. Doctors recommend using it continuously every day, but one time per day is enough. 4.Are there any side effects?Usually, there are no side effects to hyperbaric treatment. Some people may feel tired after a treatment. Other people may feel a popping in their ears. Sometimes, a patient may have small changes in vision. The changes are temporary. Let your Hyperbaric Unit technician or doctor know if this continues.5.How will it feel?You will feel the change in pressure in your ears when chamber inflating, similar to that when descending in an airplane. Once the chamber has had a chance to equalize you will not have any discomfort. During treatment, you will be able to watch videos and enjoy listening to by your phone and pad. You can also choose to just close your eyes and relax. At the end of the treatment, the chamber pressure is reduced.You will feel your ears "popping" during this phase. You can clear your ears by chewing (gum or food), swallowing, yawning. Once the chamber is fully pressurized, this feeling will return to normal.

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