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Machine Cutter Tooth

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Product Description
The product name:Machine cutter toothModel:U84JGZProduct features:1. Chute automatic swing. 2.No Spark of hard rock spin cutter.3.Carbide Tip:Maintains shape for an extended period and works in a variety of cutting conditions due to its extremely strong composition .Alloy head diameter:1. Alloy head capOur market leading cap carbide tips are best suited for soft tomedium-hard materials and applications. A valve seat braze jointincreases strength and shear resistance. These tips offer superiorpenetration, and the larger carbide shoulder provides excellentprotection against steel wash.The specific size: Φ17.5mm*16mm/Φ20mm*18mm/Φ22mm*20mm/Φ25mm*19mm /Φ30mm*27.5mm2.Alloy head insertInsert carbide tips prevail in high impact conditions or whenworking with hard materials. These industry leading tips areideal for penetration applications where steel wash is notan issue.The specific size:Φ16mm*24mm/Φ19mm*25mm/Φ19mm*29mm/Φ20mm*28m/Φ20mm*30mm/Φ22mm*30mm/Φ22mm*34mm/Φ25mm*35mm/Φ25mm*38mm/Φ27mm*35mm/Φ27mm*38mm/Φ28mm*38mm/Φ30mm*38mmPacking :Plastic case/wooden box

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