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Magnesium Alloy Plate

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Magnesium alloy plateMagnesium alloy plate is widely used in aerospace、electronics、3C、chemical and other industries. The plate we produced has three size:thin(3-100mm),Website:, medium, and thick(300*700mm), and enjoys the advantages of no crack, no air hole, no slag, tissue uniform, good thermal conductivity, high strength, uniform grain and so on.alloy plate grade and chemical compositionAZ31BASTM B 107/B 107MElementsAlZnMnSiFeCuNiCaOthers,totalMin %2.500.600.20Max %3.501.401.000.100.0050.050.0050.040.3AZ61AASTM B 107/B 107MElementsAlZnMnSiFeCuNiOthers,totalMin %5.800.450.15Max %7.201.500.500.100.0050.050.0050.3AZ91DASTM B 93BElementsAlZnMnSiFeCuNiOthers,totalMin %8.50.450.17Max %9.50.900.500.080.0040.0250.0010.3Allowable deviation of magnesium alloy plateAllowable deviation of thickness, width and length when sawing cutAllowable Roughness of thickness, width and length when sawing cutThicknessAllowable deviation of thicknessAllowable deviation of widthAllowable deviation of lengthThicknessThe maximum roughnesswidthLength and width100-300300-700100-300301-500500-70010~200~+10~+30~+20~+310~200~+10~+20~+321~500~+10~+20~+20~+321~500~+10~+20~+251~3000~+20~+20~+20~+351~3000~+10~+20~+2

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