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Magnetic Lifter

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Permanent Magnetic LifterIntroduction of Permanent magnetic lifter Permanent magnetic lifter, also known as permanent lifting magnet. It realizes quick, safe and easy way to lift ferrous materials and work pieces. These are two poles at the bottom of the lifter. Using high grade magnets, the lifter produces strong magnetic flux path through the two poles. Due to these, magnetic lifter are widely utilized for plant handling, lifting of machine tools and other such purposes. These work solely on the basis of their magnetic strength and do not require any electricity or battery power for functioning. Working Principle of Permanent Magnetic LifterPermanent magnetic lifter is made up of two parts, such as permanent sucker and discharge device. The permanent sucker is made up of permanent magnet and magnet-conductive plate. The magnetic force wire generated by the permanent magnet will go through the magnet-conductive plate, attracted materials and form a closed circuit thus to achieve the purpose of lifting the steel materials. It is suitable for being used to lift and transport magnet-conductive billets, plates and rounds in industries of mechanical engineering, metallurgy, shipyard, car factory, dock and etc.Features of permanent magnetic lifter- Light weight, compact shape, easy to operate- Suitable for Flat and round material.- Permanent Magnetic Powered System, will not lose magnetism- Work without electricity or other power support- Advanced science design of magnetic circuit balance, strong retention,  remanence is almost zero, safe and reliable- Maximum pull-off force is 3.5 times of the rated gravity, high safety Factor  Application of Permanent Magnetic Lifter- For handling of steel plates, blocks, rounds, press moulds and loading/unloading on machines- Commonly used near flame cutting.- Very handy during fabrication.- Can handle finished components without leaving behind any scratch marks, unlike binding and slinging.- Can be used with spreader beam hanging multiple magnets for long plates/pipes /bars.- Can be used with mobile cranes.

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