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Magnetic Plates

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Product Description
1.ApplicationMagnetic plate can remove tramp iron such as Bolts, Nuts, Bits of Wire, Nails and other casual impurities from freeflowing materials, like gravel, corn, sugar, plastic, flour and other granular materials in the conveying course. 2.Working Principle The magnetic roller is constituted of high quality stainless steel tube and high B value rare earth NdFeB alloy. It could be hung on the conveyor belt, trough, pipeline, feed plate, above or the end of the conveyor belt, so to constitute a magnetic filter. When the raw material pass through, the iron material and ferromagnetic impurities will be firmly attracted on the surface of the magnetic plate, to ensure the safety of products and equipments in good condition .3.Features:1.Different magnetic action range plate with strong magnetic strength are available .2.Easy cleaning and assembling.3.Surface material is 304 or 316L stainless steel ,no pollution to materials.4.Dimension and extra parts, such as hinge, handle, or mounting hole can be custom made.4. Magnetic Plate Size Specification

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