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Magnetic Speaker Transducer

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Introduction of Magnetic Speaker TransducerMagnetic speaker transducer is individual transducer that converts electrical energy to sound waves, typically as part of loudspeaker, television, or other electronic devices. Neodymium compression drivers deliver stunningly accurate high frequencies. Featured with small sizes and light weight, neodymium interior speaker magnets are widely used in speaker drivers which installed in telephone, computer and some electric-acoustic toys.How do Loudspeaker Drivers WorkSpeaker magnet structure creates the standing magnetic field. A strong standing magnetic field potentially allows greater cone motion. The stronger the magnetic field is, the further it spans thus allowing a voice coil's field more to push off. The voice coil and standing magnetic field are what makes the cone move. In a loudspeaker, the structural displacements of the voice coil impose a 20Hz-20 KHz vibration of the speaker cone membrane, which leads to pressure changes in the surrounding air and creates the sound signal heard by the listener.All of the above components are held together by the frame. The voice coil is connected to the cone which is connected to the basket via the surround and damper. The magnet structure is held in place by the basket. The frame keeps the family together and it has to be strong to keep everyone together when things start moving. These crucial components are all indispensable for the speaker.Magnetic Circuit of Loudspeaker DriversMagnetic circuit is composed of one or more closed loop paths followed by magnetic flux. The magnetic flux is usually generated by permanent magnets or electromagnets and confined to the path by magnetic cores, although there may be air gaps or other materials in the path. Specification of Magnetic Speaker DriversGME has devoted in studying and manufacturing of magnetic speaker drivers for years. Customer designs are acceptable. We can design and manufacture different kinds of magnetic speaker drivers as per clients’ special requests.

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