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Magnetic Surface Polishing Machine

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Magnetic Surface Polishing MachineWorking PrincipleMagnetic Surface Polishing Machine is used  the magical force of magnetic field to make the stainless steel pins rotate  very fast and the pins deburr, polish and clean the work pieces  high-effectively and precisely, which is suitable to light hardware, non-iron  hardware, rigid plastic components and products.FunctionMagnetic Surface Polishing Machine removes  the rusted layer or burnt spots of the parts, deburr and finish the parts in  very short time. The machine is especially best workable  for the parts  with inner holes, complex shapes, vices or screw threads.Featuresa. Fast grinding speed,it is about  5-15 minutes per time grinding, equipped with two barrels to replace  the work pieces quickly and can change the grinding components during working.b. Easy operation, absolute safe and one  person can operate several machines at the same time.c. Low cost, the stainless steel needle is  semi-permanent grinding materials, lower consumption, the only consumable  material is the grinding liquid.d. No pollution, the grinding liquid  contains water content, nontoxic and non-fire crash, fully meeting the  environment discharge standard.e. After finishing the grinding, it  can separate the work pieces and stainless steel easily by the sieve, screen  drum, electromagnetic force or separator.f. The diameter of the stainless steel  needle is available from 0.2-5mm to 1.2-10mm.Technical SpecificationsModelMotor (KW)The Size of Barrel (mm)Weight (kg)PowerFill Volume(kg)HXCL-2000.5200 x 20090380V0.5-2HXCL-4001.5400 x 400130380V3-5HXCL-5002.2500 x 500180380V5-8HXCL-6003600 x 600230380V8-12

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