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Manual Stomach Pump

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Manual Rubber Stomach PumpI.Introduction:The stomach pump is made of natural rubber;II.Scope of Application:It is mainly used for pressure washing the soluble substance in the stomach.III.Notice:1.  Check the tube. And make sure is has been sterilized before using;2.  Please do not pull and push hardly, and make sure put and take carefully;Please do not to use when find there is damage on the package;3. Please use it immediately when you open it, and please deal with it after using;4. This tube is supply to the hospital (please make sure to operate under the guide of Medical qualifications);5. Insert: Please manage the operator; make sure they are familiar to the operation;6. When the patient has unusual feelings, please pull out the tube at once, and make suitable manage then;7. Please do not remake the tube personally;8. Insert lightly or strongly will hurt the mucosa, please make suitable dealing when there is hard to insert;9. Please do not make the tube in high temperature bake or make the mineral oil as lubricant to persuade the tube become stick, expand or deteriorate;10. If there need to inject liquor to the tube, please choose suitable liquor under the direct of doctor;11. In the transportation and stocking, please make sure it is far from sun, rain. And please keep it clean; persuade it put together with acid, soda, oil and organic solvent. And please make sure the tube is far from heating apparatus(at least 1 meter);12. Please do not heavy load or buckling while transporting, make the inside temperature at -5℃ to 37℃, the relative humidity at 50%-80%;13. Strictly prohibit sterilized by ozone or UV;14. Cooking sterilization (Pulsing vacuum pressure steam sterilization), the whole proceed need 29-36min);15. Check the tube unblocked or not, if there is jam please do not use it;16. Do not to use when it is out of validity;17. Period of validity: 5 years;

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