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Manufacturer Betterfresh Farm Vegetable Flower Mushroom Vacuum Cooling Vacuum Cooler For Fresh Life

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vacuum cooling machine has been out of conventional treatment methods vegetables, vegetable rapid cooling can achieve rapid cooling vacuum preservation, and the vacuum condition within half an hour can kill bacteria and insects in vegetables, the critical point in a vacuum and the rainy season humid conditions, you can adjust the water retention of fresh vegetables, each time fresh machine that can handle 1000-6000 kg of vegetables,every day can handle 20-120 tons.After processing by vacuum preservation, vegetables can enter the cold room, and extend the shelf life of vegetables a month or more.vegetables, and extended a month or more of fresh vegetables.

Uniform cooling, vacuum cooling can be rapidly cooled product inside and outside, from the table to the inside almost the same time to achieve the required temperature, to avoid the traditional refrigerated RaisinĀ and the center temperature is difficult to quickly drop, resulting in product freshness decline phenomenon.

Cooling speed, generally only 20-30 minutes to reach the desired temperature refrigeration, cold storage and cooling needs of ordinary 10-12 hours, or even longer. It is possible to eliminate the field heat of vegetables, fruits, flowers and fungi for the first time after harvest, field heat is deadly for fresh vegetables.

fter pre-cooling the fruit and vegetable processing, fungi freshness, color and taste will be better. Vacuum process is clean, sanitary, save for a long time, the market price is high.

Rainy day harvest vegetables or washing vegetables with water can also be dealt with promptly to avoid fruits and vegetables heat phenomenon, but also to remove part of the surface moisture, favorable preservation.

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