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Marble Bathroom Cabinet Cabinet Washbasin Wash Sink Cabinet Style Floor Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet

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Origin: HangzhouInstallation: Floor typeMaterial: solid wood (main cabinet), silver mirror (mirror), ceramic (wash basin)Port of shipment: Ningbo, ShanghaiMOQ:5Delivery time: 10-15 daysModelHS-021HS-022HS-023HS-024HS-025main cabinet)(mm)600*470800*5001000*500800*4701200*480ColorRedRedRedRed and whiteRedProduct features:1, material: oak wood furniture is relatively hard, relatively strong stability, texture is relatively clear, made out of the furniture is durable, very simple fashion. Made furniture is very high-grade, especially suitable for European style furniture.Oak coarse texture, elegant color, wear resistance, a lot of decoration, furniture, floor, and so on material, made of oak. Practicality of a wide range of water absorption is very strong, but also corrosion resistance, using it to do the quality of solid wood furniture is very good.2, paint: the use of environmentally friendly PU paint, environmental monitoring to reach the European E1 level environmental standards!Marble table: the selection of high-quality natural marble production, luxurious and beautiful, solid and durable, than the common ceramic table.3, lens: the use of high-definition silver mirror, can view the perspective of a more broad and high-tech imaging clear and natural, does not affect the true, the fog is fast, far from deformation.4, packing: on the outer surface of the cabinet body is bubble protective film, carton protection, have reinforced wooden, product protection, avoid long-distance transport of damage to the product.5, multiple storage drawers: multiple storage space design, can receive a variety of daily necessities, double pumping design classification storage, let you take more easilyProduct protection:Solid wood bathroom cabinets to be placed flat, avoid frequent in the unstable state and the loose structure, try to avoid direct sunlight should not place furniture placed directly next to the air-conditioning or heating, in order to avoid a furniture damp and deformation and cracking.After-sale service:If you encounter any problem in the process of receiving, installation, we can at any time to provide professional guidance, if, after receipt of the goods found quality problems (non-human, non use) need to exchange goods, confirmed, we accept returns, and is responsible for related expenses. The furniture is bulky items. In the process of transportation and logistics will inevitably have some bump, resulting in furniture has some wear and touch the flowers, customers can not serve as the reason for return.

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