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Marble Bathroom Cabinet Cabinet Washbasin Wash Sink Cabinet Style Hanging Solid Wood Bathroom Cabine

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Origin: HangzhouInstallation: hangingMaterial: solid wood (main cabinet), silver mirror (mirror), ceramic (wash basin)Port of shipment: Ningbo, ShanghaiMOQ:5Delivery time: 10-15 daysModelHS-026HS-027HS-028HS-029HS-030main cabinet)(mm)820*520600*460600*460800*460800*470ColorredbrownredredRed and whiteProduct features:1, material: Oak1) has a more distinct mountain wood, and touch the surface with good texture.2) toughness is excellent, can be processed into various shapes according to need, quite beautiful.3) solid texture, manufactured goods firm structure, long service life, used in many antique lattice windows and doors production.4) higher grade, suitable for the production of European style furniture, Chinese classical furniture, a sense of thick, mahogany furniture, dignified and calm, but the price is lower than the mahogany furniture.5) oak fine texture, tube inner hole more transgressive filling, is not easy to absorb water, corrosion resistance, strength, Europe and the United States used to red wine storage.2, natural marble tableA. natural marble texture of dense but not easy processing, hardness, carving and polishing, polishing etc.. Marble polished smooth and delicate, smooth texture, there is a very high decorative. Marble water absorption rate is small, high durability, you can use 40-100 years.B. has a natural marble texture is very fine, solid, polished smooth as a mirror, texture and beautiful stretch than granite. The compressive strength is high (second only to granite), according to the different rock strata, up to 300MPa, low water absorption, wear resistance, no deformation and so on.3, lens: the image of pure, high reflectivity, color reduction is good, the image is true, even in the humid environment is durable, no distortion of the advantages of deformation.4, packing: on the outer surface of the cabinet body is bubble protective film, carton protection, have reinforced wooden, product protection, avoid long-distance transport of damage to the product.Bathroom cabinet maintenance:1. Oak bathroom cabinet are afraid of solid wood bathroom cabinet most avoid is moist and moth, so when surface maintenance can daub a little ripe tung oil to prevent insects there is, we in the use of try to avoid using heavy impact or friction is the bathroom counter tops, most managed to use with corrosive cleaning agents to clean the board.2. Bathroom cabinet in relatively dry use need to take artificial wet measures using a soft cloth wet wipe cabinets to avoid the wood natural moisture evaporation and deformation or cracking.3 bathroom cabinet in handling, lift light light, not hard drag; when placed, uneven ground, the leg pad.4 do not put in the sun exposure bathroom cabinets, also do not place too much in the dry place, put in the appropriate ventilation.5. The oak bathroom cabinet wax regularly, at least every six months or is 12 months with wax to oak bathroom cabinet wipe a layer of wax, can not only to remove the watermark can also be used to remove white print, when we in waxing can make bathroom cabinet surface remains smooth like New!. bathroom cabinets have cracks, available paint and paint mixing embedded block level, in order to maintain a long time is not bad, but putty and paint to consistent and the original color of paint, so as not to leave scars.After-sale service:If you encounter any problem in the process of receiving, installation, we can at any time to provide professional guidance, if, after receipt of the goods found quality problems (non-human, non use) need to exchange goods, confirmed, we accept returns, and is responsible for related expenses.

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