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Marley Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator

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Wuxi Xianglong Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China marley cooling tower drift eliminator manufacturers,Website:, welcome to wholesale cheap cooling tower core materials from our factory. Quick Details Condition: New Cooling Type: Counter Flow Material: PVC Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Sinta Model Number: ST-DE047 After-sales Service Provided: Overseas third-party support available dimension: Length Random x Height 300mm x Depth 145mm material: PVC color: black sheet spacing: 30mm usage: Marley cooling tower Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details: Marley cooling tower drift eliminator can be packed by wooden pallet or as your request. Marley cooling tower drift eliminator is developed when eliminator designs were primarily ineffective blade type configurations. The XCEL generation of eliminators is patented later. No other eliminator could come close toXCEL eliminator's low drift rate and low pressure drop. Now, virtually every eliminator is a nesting cellular PVC type design. XCELplus is a more advanced design that meets or exceeds today's demanding specifications for drift emissions without sacrificing fan horsepower. Drift rates are currently half that of the original XCEL design with equivalent pressure drop. The eliminator discharge angle is important enough to warrant two separate eliminator designs—one for crossflow and one for counterflow towers. Tests show the air direction leaving the eliminator is extremely important—imperfect designs create additional work for the fan. This means either increased fan horsepower—or reduced cooling tower performance. The crossflow version features drainage slots within the eliminator pack to ensure trapped drift is returned to the wet side of the cooling tower. Low drift rate is the primary goal of eliminator design. XCELplus boasts typical drift rates of .001% of the total GPM. Lower drift rates are available depending upon tower configuration. Considering low drift rates and low pressure drop, XCELplus is one ofthe most effective cooling tower drift eliminator available in the market place today.   Suggested Specification Drift eliminators shall be of cellular type, Marley XCELplus or approved equal. The eliminators shall be thermoformed from 17 mil (.017″) PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material into a configuration providing at least three changes of air direction and solvent welded into multiple sheet packs. Flame spread rating of the material must not exceed 25 per ASTM E-84. Eliminators used in crossflow towers must provide a discharge angle (as defined by the angle of the last section of the eliminator itself) of at least 42° from the horizontal when installed. The mass drift quantity, determined by the CTI Drift Test Code ATC-140 shall not exceed _______% of the total GPM and shall be guaranteed for all operating conditions.The eliminator packs shall be able to span 66″ unsupported for counterflow configurations and 72″ for crossflow, with minimal deflection at design conditions. Eliminators shall be FM approved. Eliminator packs shall measure up to 24″ wide, 5.75″ in depth and up to 12′-0″ long. DRIFT ELIMINATORS properties: PRODUCT STANDARD GAUGES RECOMMENDED SPAN1 PRESSURE DROP        @ .075 lb/ft3 DRIFT        RATE (Mil Thickness) 400        FPM 500        FPM 600        FPM % Of        Water        Flow ST-150 Cellular 15/15 4 0.019 0.029 0.040 0.002 15/25 6 0.019 0.029 0.040 0.002 ST-80 Cellular 13/15 4 0.021 0.034 0.046 0.001 20/30 8 0.021 0.034 0.046 0.001 1 Recommended Spans are based on a maximum air temperature of 1150F. Marley drift eliminator Features: Minimum Pressure DropMulti-Pass High Efficient Drift Rate (.002%)Design For Use in Crossflow and Counterflow ApplicationsSolvent Welded for Maximum Strength and Pack IntegrityMaterial Complies with Cooling Technology Institute Standard 136Available in PVC or HPVC Material Marley pvc Drift Eliminator pictures: pvc drift eliminator Package: Applications of marley drift eliminator: Other cooling tower drift eliminators:

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